Our mission

To enable all young people, especially those who need us most, to be a productive, caring, and responsible adult.


The Boys & Girls Club of Merced County is a part of one the largest and most impactful community organizations from across America that sets out to serve our youth, their families, and our communities through impact and youth development. Boys & Girls Clubs of America is home to changing millions of lives over several decades, including Denzel Washington, Jennifer Lopez, Aaron Judge, and so many more.

It is our goal that every child graduates high school ready for opportunities in the workforce, vocational trade, postsecondary education, and/or the military. It is through our passionate and caring staff, volunteers, partners, and supporters that we are able to do just that.

Here in Merced County, we believe that us, as a non-profit community organization a part of the Boys & Girls Clubs of America, that we are not the single answer, but that we are a part of the village it takes to raise a child.

Through strategic partnerships, dedicated sponsors, and passionate mentors and leaders, we are able to and will continue to serve our youth based on their interests and needs.


How do we serve youth?

Alongside our partners and supporters, the Boys & Girls Club of Merced County builds its reputation with

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We live by the motto of “Never turning any kid away!” With that, we have very low costs for every program and activity we offer through annual memberships, summer camp, and school recess camps. For any cost associated to our Club’s programs, activities, and services, the Club is dedicated to providing scholarships for any member(s) and/or families that may be facing economic hardship.

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All of our staff and volunteers are held to the highest of standards in regards to working with you to achieve the developmental milestones. Our staff are trained through third party groups specialized in youth development, through BGCA national trainings, and through required trainings, including CPR & Basic First Aid, Child Abuse & Prevention, and Mandated Reporter.


Our programs and activities come with a long sheet of successful history in impacting the kids of today’s generations. We track the development of youth through attendance at the Club and in programs, through pre- and post-surveys, and through self-reflection on experiences and growing process. Our High Yield Learning Activities (HYLAs) are activities that teach important skills while still having fun.


Our Clubhouse was originally designed and built specifically for the youth of Merced and the traditional operations of a Boys & Girls Club. Our facilities are required and maintained to creating safe and fun environments for youth in our community through safe spaces, secured facilities, and implementation of child safety and development policies and procedures.