School recess break camps

“When schools out, the Club is in!”


The Club makes it a priority to be available to all youth during times when school is out or not in session. Whether it be a week-long break, several week break, a day off of school, or minimum day for Parent Teacher Conferences, the Club is open!

See below for all the school recess break camps that the Club offers to it’s members and all youth. Depending on the upcoming camp and the days open, the Club’s day camp prices vary.


Thanksgiving Break Camp Mid-Nov (1-week) - $75/child
Winter Break Camp End of Dec (2-weeks) - $75/child/week
President’s Break Camp Mid-Feb (1-week) - $75/child
Spring Break Camp End of April (1-week) - $75/child


All Camps Include:

  • 7:30 AM to 6:00 PM Drop-Off & Pick-Up Access

  • 3 Meals & 1 Snack per day

  • 1 Field Trip

  • Evidence-Base Programs & High Yield Learning Activities

  • Seasonal/Extended Programming Opportunities

*All camps vary in programs, activities, and field trips based on the time of year, weather, and holiday schedules.